Drones in Green agriculture​

Drones in Green Agriculture From Brazil to Colombia, Green SuperFood crops are experiencing a new stage of modernization, a stage where we make the most of technological advances for the benefit of humanity.  For a year, we have been conducting tests in Brazil and Colombia to increase the performance of our processes in the field, one of the tests is spraying by means of drones or UAVs, which allows us to optimize the spraying of foliar fertilizers and phytosanitary controls.Despite the fact that aerial spraying has been used for many years on other crops such as rice, corn or sugarcane with good results, it is a challenge for Green SuperFood engineers to carry out this work in mountainous terrain and at variable heights that generally characterize Hass avocado crops.The project is under evaluation with promising results; Among its benefits, the reduction of inputs, less use of water, and greater work performance stand out, which translates into a farm with greater productivity and more efficient distribution of labor.We hope to start a one-year pilot project with one of our fields in 2022 in order to refine operational and technical details, seeking to cover at least 85% of this field with automated drone spraying.

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