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At Green SuperFood, we believe that genetics are the key to creating high-productivity, high-quality agricultural projects. That’s why when we started our company in 2019, we built our first nursery around developing and producing our own plants with genetically modified material, selected according to the highest global quality standards. Starting in 2020, we began the propagation of clonal plants and the selection of plant material that best suits the conditions of the several productive farms.

The nursery is led by Dr. Claudia Fassio, one of the leading Latin American experts in clonal reproduction. In 2022 we hope to expand our facilities to include a new nursery with a production capacity of 200 thousand plants and an infrastructure that will allow us to propagate under controlled conditions, to reduce the duration of the nursery stage and thus reduce production costs. We are positioning ourselves to become the benchmark nursery for all Latin America.

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