Get to know our new application: Avocai

Get to know our new application: Avocai


Avocai was designed to estimate GSF’s avocado harvests in a simple, agile and effective way.

It is a computer vision based application that uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically recognize and count avocados fruits in the field using a smartphone.

All it takes is a few photos and a statistical model specifically developed for GSF to estimate the entire year’s harvest of its farms as well as that of third parties.

Simple to use and without the need of an internet connection in the field, GSF can start its estimates from a very early stage of the avocado production cycle, and repeat them as many times as necessary, thus obtaining a historical and graphical record of all the fruit evolution in a given harvest.

The first version has just been released and is the first smartphone application for avocado crop estimation in the world market.

Avocai does not use highly complex remote or proximal sensors, nor does it analyze indirect information, it estimates the avocado harvest using what is most valuable to the producers: the avocado fruit on the tree!

We invite you to visit our stand in Territorio Aguacate , Dic 1 y 2 to try our new app!!

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